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Chris’ love of all things media was fostered at the Gold Coast’s, Griffith University while completing his Bachelor of Multimedia degree, the first degree of its type ever offered in Australia.

Chris was one of the pioneers of a rapidly expanding multimedia industry, joining the workforce at a time when the world wide web was on the cusp of booming into global consciousness.

Choosing to ride the wave of the “The Dot Com Boom,” Chris joined a large London advertising agency, Illusion Factor, and enjoyed working on world class brands while having the freedom to explore bigger ideas with bigger budgets.

Returning to Australia with some valuable international experience, Chris spent several years working across various fields including; systems test engineering, eCommerce development and international brand marketing. With the rapid growth of the web and multimedia industries he saw the opportunity for a creative digital agency in Queensland and in 2001, MeMedia was born.

Since its inception, MeMedia has constantly expanded, and today Chris and his talented team deliver exceptional web developments and digital marketing strategies, backed up by traditional marketing activities not yet lost to the digital revolution.

As Managing Director, Chris’ approach is multi-disciplined and strategic; he continually engages new technologies and is passionate about applying them into user-friendly solutions for clients and their clients.

Chris' love of sharing knowledge and assisting companies has found him take the stage to speak to larger audiences on topics like; Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, eCommerce and integrating Online Shopping into businesses.

Chris does not hold any qualifications in karaoke or professional dancing, but sadly that doesn’t stop him trying.