#11 Baden U'Ren - Mentor Revolution

2016-08-31 13:20:31

In this episode of Mentor Revolution I got to know Dr Baden U’Ren.

Baden is a passionate educator, an engaging speaker, and is a champion of innovation. Baden is Director of Bond University's Business Commercialisation Centre, Head of Entrepreneurship at Bond and Co-founder of the Bond University Accelerator and recently co-organiser of the Gold Coast Startup Weekend for Health. Outside the uni campus Baden is also Co-founder of agribusiness startup Ditterich Agriculture and Co-founder of Pet Wellness Centres right here on the Gold Coast.

Baden is an entrepreneur in his own rite, he even have the job title to prove it being ""Head of Entrepreneurship" at Bond University. His teaching gift brings so much value to his students tackling the conundrum of entrepreneurship and we discussed many ways in which universities are innovating and collaborating to produce students which are ready for the real world.

The highlight for me was the Bond Business Accelerator and the story behind how this actually came about and also the followup “Demo Day” which you can see footage of at the beginning or our show.

So sit tight and get ready to embrace the awesome energy Baden, brings to the Mentor Revolution.

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