#7 Guvera's Claes Loberg, Damien King & Rob Snell - Mentor Revolution 2

2016-07-15 16:54:10

As Gold Coast business men and women converged at an edgy Surfers Paradise bar for Monday night's Silicon Beach Gold Coast gathering, pure excitement emanated from these inspiring individuals showing that local entrepreneurship is alive and well.

Local technology entrepreneur Leigh Kelson was surprised at the attendance and exclaimed “I didn’t know there were so many great businesses here on the Gold Coast with awesome products and ideas. This is unreal!”

Monday, May 16 was the third event for the Silicon Beach Gold Coast 2016 revival holding a Live Q&A with the Founder of Guvera, Claes Loberg, CTO Damien King and Product Director Rob Snell who shared Guvera’s story and its exciting future.

Guvera is a global music streaming app employing a mix of 140 local and international tech, creative and marketing minds calling Robina home and the Founder, Claes Loberg encourages keeping the headquarter here on the Gold Coast.

“The entire tech team is still based here on the Gold Coast, Even though we have offices around the world.” Says Loberg. “There is a [technology] hub here [on the Gold Coast]. There’s a pool of people here. You can actually make things here.”

“The momentum which is building for startups here on the coast is nothing short of amazing.” Says Kyle McGinty, Founder of Silicon Beach Gold Coast

McGinty has been recruiting talent for many of the technology companies on the Gold Coast for the past 5 years and never has he seen a more positive environment for growing businesses than now.

With economic diversification - beyond cranes in the sky and tourism - being key to the future success of the Gold Coast this news is quite refreshing.

The Silicon Beach Gold Coast meetup is designed to bring technology, creative and internet startup businesses together for a bi-monthly gathering, to create a sense of community amongst like minded entrepreneurs. With strong attendance this gathering of people has ignited a spark in every attendee and shown them that they are not alone in their mission to grow a successful scalable business here on the Gold Coast.

Previous to events like this taking place, most of these entrepreneurs felt somewhat alone in the battle to have the Gold Coast recognized as a serious business hub, but the perception that the Gold Coast is just a small town full of small businesses has changed.

"We're seeing greater collaboration and momentum build as entrepreneurs share the passion for a cause that is beyond their own success which is to make the Gold Coast known as the Startup Capital of Australia and it’s clearly working." says McGinty.

We’re seeing more injection of capital and commercial experience into the Gold Coast than ever before which is directly impacting growth in talent and also the capabilities of local business to build national and international enterprise companies.

Local companies who are showing their support for this event and “the cause” are:




Startup Apprentice


Fixed Price Car Service


And more.

Each event is organised via Meetup.com http://www.meetup.com/Silicon-Beach-Gold-Coast/ and is held at local bars, restaurants and co-working spaces across the Gold Coast. Silicon Beach Gold Coast has now become the event for any business looking to become an integral part of this entrepreneur revolution and give a voice to local business by joining in to spread the word that the Gold Coast is the best place to live and work in Australia.

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