#8 Nicole Gibson, CEO of Startup Apprentice and The Rogue and Rouge Foundation

2016-07-18 13:45:16

Welcome to the next installment of Mentor Revolution - Introducing Nicole Gibson - CEO of Rogue and Rouge and also CEO of Startup Apprentice

Rogue and Rouge is a Mental Health not-for-profit working with 12-25 year olds and the adults that work with them.

In today’s show we spoke about how Rogue and Rouge positively impacts the space in which people feel they can change by helping them become more connected to themselves and their community. We spoke about the role of the parents and teachers with regards to cyber education and enabling children to understand how to identify and resolve conflict.

Startup Apprentice is another one of Gibson's golden eggs - which is a company inspiring and nurturing high school aged children to create projects and understand the learning that can come from that. We discussed the importance of being responsible for a project, succeeding, failing and the importance of entrepreneurship and the encouragement to think differently.

I really enjoyed speaking with Nicole and I’m sure you’re going to love listening to her story.


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