#9 Chris J "Mowhawk" Reed, the only NASDAQ listed CEO with a Mowhawk.

2016-07-26 16:14:32

Welcome to the next installment of Mentor Revolution.

Today I had a very engaging conversation with Chris J "Mowhawk" Reed, who is the only NASDAQ listed CEO with a mohawk - and author of the international Best Seller, Linkedin Mastery for Entrepreneurs.

Chris also runs Black Marketing, a global company headquartered in Singapore.

Chris and I obviously have many things in common, given we both live and breathe marketing - but what I found most interesting is Chris' focus on Linkedin. Linkedin now has over 500 million professionals globally, and today Chris and I discussed how black marketing focuses purely on improving the personal brand of CEO's and business leaders by a using strategic content marketing and relationship building techniques.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Chris, and I look forward to meeting him in person when he comes to visit the Gold Coast in the not-too-distant future.


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