About the Mentor Revolution Podcast

Before the internet, life lessons were learnt through stories being shared via intimate conversations in private spaces and then broadcast via TV, books and radio. Now - due to busy lifestyles - it seems these intimate conversations are being missed. So how do we utilise technology to our advantage and bring back that which is both difficult to find and sometimes lost - mentorship?

There is something truly extraordinary about being included in a conversation with people you’ve never met - possibly from the other side of the world - and talking about topics you might never have thought to discuss. Enter podcasting, a way of subscribing and listening to who you want when you want via your smartphone.

Mentor Revolution connects entrepreneurs to the one (or many) super important person in your life, who’s both hard to find and missing in action - your mentor. Interviews are recorded twice a month with those standout people who have authentic stories of both failure and success in business or have awesome life lessons to teach those of us with open minds. Interviews are available to watch on www.mentorrevolution.com and you can listen to podcasts via Soundcloud and iTunes.

As more Mentors tell their stories many of them will become part of the Mentor Bureau. Allowing you to establish a personal connection with the mentor of your choice while clearly understanding what parameters you may need to work within.

Why this podcast exists

The Mentor Revolution is the brainchild of Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of Gold Coast Marketing Agency, MeMedia, and influenced by many great people and events that deserve mentioning.

For much of Chris’ agency life he has been challenged by both the notion of “letting somebody in” to his business challenges and his capability of finding somebody suitable of being a business Mentor.

Outside of the office Chris found solace in discovering that his martial arts sensei was in-fact his greatest mentor in life outside of his own family. This gave hope to the idea that mentors are actively making themselves available to the community in an age old classroom format that many people would do well to tap into.

Several years later Chris happened to meet a long standing pillar of the Advertising Agency community, Tony Scott from Quadrant Creative. While sharing a cab ride with Tony after an eventful charity event for Men of Business, Tony accepted Chris’s request of becoming his business mentor.

Now not every person will have the chance meeting or opportunity to meet their desired mentor face to face let alone have their undivided attention in a 15 minute taxi ride. Which makes finding and learning lessons from somebody who’s possibly been there and done it all before you, somewhat difficult and often daunting for many.

The Big Blue Sky Event held on November 5th, 2015 was the defining brain spark for the Mentor Revolution. Not only did the speakers help in influencing this idea - that mentorship was needed more than ever on the Gold Coast - but the organisers truly inspired the Gold Coast community to take action.

We Give Thanks

Thank you to these amazing people (only to name a few) who gave the Mentor Revolution concept a glimmer of hope whether it was via an awesome speech, a raised eyebrow, emphatic head nod or a resounding “Yes! Go for it!”

Amy Hogan - Amazing Wife and Chris’ biggest supporter

Sharon Hogan - Sentio Education

Jamie Mac Aninch - Martial Arts Sensei and Mentor

Tony Scott - Quadrant Creative and Mentor

Lou McGregor - P’s In A Pod and Big Blue Sky event founder

Christine McDougall - 2:23am and Big Blue Sky event founder

Kyle McGinty - Mitchell Lake and Silicon Beach Gold Coast

Mark Rowland - Inspiring Speaker and Businessman

Matt Desmier - Founder Silicon Beach UK

Big thanks also goes out to the MeMedia team behind the scenes, who without them this challenge would seem impossible.

And to all of those amazing podcasts already out there who have inspired Mentor Revolution to tell more Australian stories:




and many more.